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road safety

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  • 3m White & Red reflective tape


    3m White & Red reflective tape

    • Ultra Reflective: This reflective tape is made of a new material combined with coating, compounding and embossing technology, also using the combination of micro glass beads technology and micro prisms technology to create a highly reflective surface. And its hexagons pattern makes the reflective effect more obvious.
    • Durability:This tape is designed to resist rain and sun-fading. It is wear resistant and water resistant making it last for long. And It forms a strong bond with the surface to ensure it doesn’t disappoint you. Its generous size of 2 inch x 150 feet means whether it is on a guardrail or a trailer, it got you covered.
    • Safety: This conspicuous tape is for various vehicles to enhance night visibility and detection distance, avoiding more traffic accidents.
    • Application: This is a tape that can be used widely on cars and truck. It can also be used on construction signs and temporary signs on the roads for night physical activities. In addition to that, it can be efficiently used in guide and traffic facilities signs.
    • 100% Customer Satisfaction: Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee covers all products. 
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  • Red & White reflective tape


    Red & white reflective tape

    • ENHANCED VISIBILITY, ENHANCED SAFETY – Dangerous hazards are everywhere, decrease the chances and risks of accidents by applying our Industrial Marking Tape. Our stripe and arrow patterned adhesives are designed for high visibility to keep you safe. Easily apply to smooth surfaces in parking garages, warehouses, railings, guard rails, and any other places where attention is needed
    • DURABLE ADHESIVE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS – Whether it is for safety marking or designing purposes, our Reflective Safety Marking Tape is tough, durable and able to withstand the elements for great indoor or outdoor use
    • SHINE BRIGHT, SHINE FAR – Our specially crafted  tape is made of retro reflective material, high visibility red and white colors ensure the safety tape reflect light better in the dark that will substantially increase day & night visibility on whatever surface you use it on
    • MULTIPLE USES, IMMEASURABLE VALUE – Marking Tape have multiple various uses. From marking hazardous areas in parking garages, parking structure, warehouses, storage units, offices, classrooms, hospitals, hotels, banks, shopping centers, garages, roads, factories, machinery, restaurants, etc. The possibilities are endless with our Tape.
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