About Us

About Us

Story of our Company

Satelite Group Limited was formed out of passion of engageing unbeatable quality services,delivery, innovation, and to delight customers. It evolved from a retail shop to a limited liability company in the year of the lord 2001.

For more than a decades Satelite group limited has been active in rendering quality services and products to customers to different states nation wide . Artistic materials and Digital designs/printing became part of product line and it gave birth to a fully owned subsidiary Satelite Group Limited

  • Satellite chuks,
  • Satellite chuks digital solution,
  • Kamsi Interprise Synergy
  • Ebube Ike Enterprises,
  • The Blessed Favour Enterprises)

Through strategic investments in the third party companies that supply raw materials, satellite group limited developed a successful backward integration program that led to a greater control over the supply process from the procurement of materials with quarrantee quality

Our Vision

Our vision in satellite group limited is a conduct to top a mind of awareness with the distributors in the promotional products industry, hence making us the number one printers one stop shopping mall in the country

Our Mission

Our mission in satellite group limited is to provide promotional product suppliers with the senior management level representation and assistance within the traditional Midwestern territories and to give our customers the most compelling satisfaction as possible.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty, Integrity & professionalism
  • Family, Friendship & Enjoying life
  • Hard work, Dedication & Achievement

Our Goals

  • To honor all promises and commitments
  • To deliver results
  • To be welcomed back

Our Objective

  • To always achieve our customers desired results
  • To provide an outside insight and information
  • To be a valued business partner with our suppliers
  • To search for new and imported best practices.

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