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  • Galaxy Eco Solvent Ink

    Galaxy Eco Solvent Ink


    GALAXY Eco solvent Ink for Wide Format Printers Using DX4 DX5 DX7 Printhead, 4 Liters CMYK Set

    High Quality Eco Solvent ink for Wide format printers, all printers equipped with DX4/DX5/DX7 heads

    CMYK Set, 4 Liters (1 liter / 1000ml per bottle, Total 4000ml)

    Bottle design for direct insert type of cartridges.

    Also can be used with pour in type of bulk ink system

    Environment-friendly Vibrant, wide color gamut.

    Very Bright Anti-alcohol resistance

    Highly glossy, ink stable, fluency

    Superb light fastness properties Strong adhesive, Fast dry, waterproof, scratch-proof

    2 years outdoor climate resistance

    no clogged nozzles

    Low printing cost for most Bulk ink system.

    Photos showing actual prints using the ink set.