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  • Yellow diamond reflective tape

    Yellow diamond reflective tape

    Reflective Tape Diamond Grade Waterproof Self-Adhesive Trailer Reflector For Trucks,Trailers,Car,Runner,Jogger Warning Caution Conspicuous Tape etc.

    The reflective principle of reflective film is based on the light in three-dimensional space, incident from a certain angle three times of reflection occurring on three planes perpendicular to each other, and then reflect back along the original incident direction, giving off a strong reflection. It does not emit its own light source, but a light source shining on the reflective membrane and reflecting back through the reflection principle. Reflective film three-dimensional shape embossed beautiful, bright color.Super adhesive back durable .The special glue formula is used for permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, which makes the reflective film firmly fixed and not easy to fall off.